The Fred Roche Foundation
in collaboration with
MK Gallery

The recently published draft Plan: MK Consultation document, March 2017, contains ideas of how Milton Keynes might grow in the future and the plans to build 26,500 additional homes that are required by 2031.

The document is now out to consultation.

On Thursday, 27th April 2017 from 7.00pm at MK Gallery, CMK, there will be talks held to consider the implications of the proposal and discuss the key features.

Guest Chair at the event will be Clive Faine, MD Abbeygate Developments, Chair PDIIDG Subgroup SEMLEP.

The event will host a presentation by Anna Rose, Service Director, Growth, Economy & Culture at Milton Keynes Council and response by David Lock, CBE, MRTPI, Strategic Planning Adviser, David Lock Associates, Vice-President of the TCPA.

There are limited spaces available so please book your seat at:

For more information, please click here for the promotional poster which contains all necessary information.