Tune in to find out more about the work of the MK-based charity

Today, Thursday 27th April at 3:25pm, renowned journalist Jon Snow presents a BBC Radio 4 Appeal for Advantage Africa. The Appeal is for the charity’s work in Uganda to protect people with the genetic condition of albinism from skin cancer.

At one of the recent Advantage Africa skin clinics, more than half of those attending had pre-cancerous lesions. People with albinism from all over Uganda need urgent help with sunscreen, hats, skin checks, treatment and surgery to prevent early, needless deaths.

This initiative is saving the lives of hundreds of people – but the charity can only continue it with the help of its supporters. Please tune this Thursday to hear Jon Snow tell the moving story of one family affected by skin cancer and how a regular support makes this project and others like it possible.

After the first broadcast on Sunday, the Appeal can also be heard online at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08n1zyn