Local infrastructure organisations have criticised the NHS’s latest strategy as “completely undervaluing” charities’ contributions. Published last month, Next Steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View reviewed the progress made since the publication of the original Five Year Forward View in 2014 and set out further recommendations . The National Association for Voluntary and Community Action (Navca) has said that the latest strategy fails to recognise the sector’s contribution to delivering NHS services.
In a newly published analysis, Navca praised the 2014 strategy, saying it recognised “the value of the part played by charities and voluntary organisations in improving health and care services”. “References to social action, volunteering and the voluntary sector were peppered throughout. It made a strong case for investment in charities’ capacity to engage people in their own health and care,” it said. In contrast, Navca said the latest update “completely misses” the advocacy role played by charities in helping shape services around the needs of patients and carers. This implies a lack of understanding of the role of volunteering and social action by the authors,” Neil Cleeveley, Navca chief executive, said: “Compared to the Five Year Forward View, it completely under-values the role played by charities and community groups. –
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