It’s been an exciting MK50 year so far and as well as looking back at the last fifty years, this important year is also an opportunity to look forward.

You’ll be aware that one of the MK Futures Commission’s ambitious ‘big projects’  for MK (read more at is The Creative and Cultured City. 

The report states “city-to-city competition is increasing and those that win will have a vibrant cultural base, and will be perceived as open, tolerant and creative places to be” and recommends the creation of an International Festival of Creative Urban Living.

There is a new festival – which is called MK CityFest. It takes place between 27 June and 2 July and based at Middleton Hall in the centre:mk, MK CityFest will showcase what a great place our city is to live, exploring MK’s unique designed city framework which makes us a model for city living across the world, and exploring ideas around our future.

At its core will be the annual conferences of the Institute of New Towns (INTI) and the Academy of Urbanism (AoU) but a wider programme is being developed including walks, talks, workshops, an artist programme, animations and creative activity focused on modern urban living of the future.  All events will share the prominent city centre space – some aimed at a professional audience and others open to the wider public. MK is an important cultural artefact and MK CityFest will shine a light on that importance.

The full programme will be published at in the next two weeks.  You can already buy tickets for the INTI and AoU conferences, with details at the link.

Please mark the dates in your calendars and spread the word.