CAPE (Community Action Platform for Energy) is a one-stop website for all your energy needs. We have spoken about CAPE a lot recently because we believe in it. It is a website designed by partners across Milton Keynes to help you, the community members, save on your energy bills, help the environment, give you back control over energy usage and provide a place where, if you have an energy question, there is a knowledgeable and equally invested community waiting to help.

As part of our partnership in the CAPE project, Community Action: MK are helping spread the word about the CAPE platform in the communities.

The website is due to launch in a few weeks. Before then, we have been hosting field trials to meet, engage and answer questions from community members.

Our first field trial, the LED Light-bulb Swap, was successfully held at the Lakes Estate. The turnout was fantastic and lots of community members were able to understand what CAPE represented.


We now have a second field trial. Created by Michael Sheppard, the focus is on Off Grid Solar Lighting. This field trial is looking for participants who are keen to get involved and save on energy emissions and costs by utilising off hour energy.

If you are interested in signing up and learning more about Michael’s project, please visit:

Sign up, log in and become a member to remain involved and updated on any changes being made.

We look forward to your involvement.