Get your community’s voice heard!

All communities and local groups in Milton Keynes are encouraged to participate in a new exciting project that is linked to the MK Futures 2050 programme and led by Community Action: MK.

To find out more about MK Futures 2050 and the report that was published last year, click here.

What is the project about?

This project is an opportunity for local residents and members of a wide range of local groups in Milton Keynes to consult their communities, express their views and influence the future developments of the city.

You will do this by becoming part of MK Futures Connectors Group. We hope that his group will represent a cross section of the local community. The group will meet between summer 2017 and summer 2018 at a series of interactive workshops, exploring a range of topics and areas of development, as highlighted by the MK Futures 2050 Commission. Members of the group will then consult their communities and take part in further workshops and activities exploring specific themes and areas identified as priorities. The first workshop for the MK Futures Connectors Group is planned for Monday 24th July!

How to participate?

The application process to be part of MK Connectors Group is very easy. Simply go to and complete a short application form by Sunday 25th June – to access the form, click here.  Alternatively, if you have any questions or need support in submitting your application, please get in touch by e-mailing or call 01908 666 623.

We encourage all community members and representatives of local groups to apply. We are particularly keen to hear from groups who might feel underrepresented or struggle to get the voices of their communities he

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We look forward to receiving your application!

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