The latest edition of The Hive is now available. It focuses on four ways to celebrate co-ops.

  1. Share your #CoopStories – It is Co-operatives Fortnight 2017. During this period, running from 17 June-1 July, the team are asking people and co-ops to share stories of how working together has made a difference. The aim is to create a wealth of stories to raise awareness about co-operatives.
  2. People from across the co-op sector and beyond will come together on 30 June-1 July to reimagine the economy at Co-op Congress 2017. With keynote speakers on the ‘gig economy’, the launch of a long-term strategy to grow the co-op sector, workshops on the big issues like social care, community development and technology, as well as Dragon’s Den style pitches, Congress is fantastic event. Book your place now.
  3. These are the closing days of voting for Co-operatives UK’s annual Co-operative of the Year Awards. Vote in three categories – Leading, Growing and Inspiring. It’s a wonderful celebration of co-operation. Voting closes 22 June and the winners will be announced at Congress.
  4. The UK Co-op annual report on the performance of the UK co-operative economy launches on Tuesday. Watch out for it on email, or via our Facebook or Twitter pages, and please get ready to spread the word about co-ops and the inspiring stories emerging in another successful year for the co-operative sector.

Please share with friends and family who may be interested.