On Thursday the 1st June the Our MK team launched the next phase of Our MK, focussing on supporting projects crowdfund finance and support through our spaceHive page.

Our MK has launched on Spacehive to support, through crowdfunding, the many amazing and creative ideas that Milton Keynes residents have to improve the city.

After the launch event on 1 June, we are very pleased to announce that all four of these wonderful projects have now been successfully funded! Our MK has received the support of 172 backers and total pledges of £12 255!

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It’s your turn now! 

Have you ever had an idea about how to improve life in Milton Keynes? Do you want to support your neighbours in seeing their ideas for the community come to life? Are you curious about what innovative projects have been proposed for your community, by your community?

Crowdfunding through Our MK, right here on Spacehive, can help you do just that.

Community Action: MK will soon be arranging some crowdfunding training for individuals and groups in Milton Keynes. If you are interested in attending please email Jessica at jessicam@communityactionmk.org.


Find out more about the successful projects below:

MK Community Fridge

A simple solution to wasting less through the sharing of good quality food to benefit the people of Milton Keynes.

The first community fridge in Milton Keynes, and part of a new network of community fridges across the UK, the MK Community Fridge raised a whopping £2540! Almost £1000 above their target! Follow them on Facebook to see the amazing work that they do.

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The Green Oasis of Milton Keynes

Why oasis? The allotments in Woughton are a green haven for the residents of Milton Keynes. Peace and quiet with your own piece of land to grow your own food and socialise with other tenants.

The Patch Allotments in Woughton were able to raise £2133 to replace their stolen equipment and purchase a security system to protect their allotment. Take a look at their video to see a bit of the beautiful green oasis!

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Lifesaving defibrillators in Camphill MK

Defibrillators are essential, potentially life-saving devices used in the case of cardiac arrest, so it is essential that we raise enough funds to purchase and install them.

Camphill MK was able to raise £2915 to buy some lifesaving defibrillators for this central community resource for Milton Keynes. With the myriad of visitors to Camphill this was truly a necessary and worthwhile project to raise funds for – and their supporters agreed! Follow them on Facebook to find out more!

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Learning Tree Tipi and Super Storage!

We want to build a traditional tipi in our woodland, providing space for stories, shelter from the weather and giving children coming to “the Learning Tree” the experience of living close to nature.

The Urb Farm in Wolverton were able to raise an outstanding £4667 towards purchasing a handmade tipi for their Learning Tree forest school as well as purchase a secure lock up to store their equipment and other goods. Having recently experienced a break in, this would provide an important sense of security on the Urb Farm. Follow them on Facebook to find out more about their fantastic work!

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