Action4Youth is inviting Milton Keynes charities to become involved in The Inspiration Programme, a new initiative being piloted in Milton Keynes Academy starting in the September term, 2017. The Programme is intended to engage young people with sections of wider society including the charity sector.

The young people, all of whom will be in year 12, so 16 year olds, will spend one afternoon each week for six weeks learning what charities do, why they do it and why they are needed. As part of the course, the young people, working in teams will choose a local charity to support and champion. The following week they will visit that charity and speak to those who work there, any volunteers and if possible, meet beneficiaries. In subsequent weeks they will develop a case for support and pitch to a panel of the peers for a cash award for their chosen charity.

How your charity could benefit:

  • Chance to engage with young people
  • Chance to secure funding (up to £1,000)
  • Chance to recruit volunteers/supporters
  • Profile raising opportunity

What your charity would need to do:

  • Have a stand at a charity fair in Milton Keynes Academy which the young people will visit (12.30 – 3.30, 13th March 2018, and 24th April 2018)
  • Allow young people to visit (probably maximum of 10) for approx. ( up to 3 hours, 12.30-3.30, 20th March and 1st May 2018)

For more information, please call Harry Roberts on 0300 003 2334 or email