Civil Society Futures is a national conversation about how English civil society can flourish in a fast changing world. This inquiry is about everyone in England. It’s about how we interact beyond the market and the state. Whether through formal charities, or unions, churches or Mosques; or through informal networks of neighbours or groups of friends, we are all involved in civil society. And everyone’s perspective is needed.

As part of the Civil Society Futures inquiry, Community Action: MK invite you to join a collective dialogue into the role of civil society – to share your hopes and fears, the changes you are currently seeing so that together we can develop specific visions for what civil society might look like ten years from now. 

Come along and talk to us in the foyer of Acorn House, Midsummer Boulevard in CMK on:

25th August 10am-4pm

1st September: 10am-4pm

6th September 2pm-7pm


You can follow the conversation on social media at @civsocfutures #CivilSocietyFutures.

We hope you’ll join us in this timely conversation when civil society has never been more needed, nor more challenged.


Civil Society Futures is a two year independent inquiry chaired by Julia Unwin, the former chief executive of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, during which we’ll undertake a broad, searching and forward looking inquiry into the role of civil society and the contribution it makes. It is led by Forum for the Future, in partnership with openDemocracy, Citizens UK and Goldsmiths University London.

There will also be a chance to contribute to the National Infrastructure Commission transport proposal for the Oxford Cambridge Arc.

This proposal will deliver new homes, and transport links to enable the growth of more hi-tech, research and knowledge businesses in the area between Oxford, Cambridge, Northampton and Luton.

But this raises important questions:
1. Is it necessary?
2. What kind of homes and transport links are fit for a fast-changing world and will
support a sustainable way of life?
3. What ARE knowledge jobs?
4. How might it affect the lives of my children, grandchildren and me?
5. How might it affect the company or organisation that I work for or volunteer with?
6. Will we lose green spaces?
Come and continue the conversation by responding to these questions and finding out