The YMCA Youth Matters Awards is an annual event which celebrates the achievements of Young People, Staff and Volunteers across the country. 

The reason we are mentioning these awards today is because a local man has been named for 2 awards!

Tom Davis who is the founder of The Bus Shelter: MK who has been working hard to tackle the homelessness problem in Milton Keynes has been recognised in 2 categories. Young Leader of the Year and Young Campaigner of the year! 

We have definitely seen his amazing efforts in one form or another. I managed to get up close to the bus the other day at INTU in Central Milton Keynes. It is huge and can sleep up to 16 people! 

So if you would like to Vote for Tom Davis or even look at other nominees in other categories… then please click on the link below!

But we also wanted to say a massive well done to Tom! Keep up the good work Tom, we all appreciate it! If you would like to know more about The Bus Shelter: MK you can visit their website