We were pleased to recently be commissioned alongside Milton Keynes Arts Centre, MK Gallery and Festive Road to carry out public engagement with MK citizens to support the bid for Milton Keynes to become European Capital of Culture in 2023.

Festive Road created the MK Culture Coach and MK Travel Lounge while our development officers reached out across the city, visiting a variety of events and groups.

The engagement was based around four questions:

  • Where would you take a visitor to show them what’s best or unexpected about MK?
  • What would it mean to you if MK became European Capital of Culture?
  • What’s special about MK that would make us a great European Capital of Culture?
  • Which European countries do you feel we’re most connected to and how?

What people said:

  • The majority of people would take visitors to our parks and open spaces.
  • Holidays destinations and family/friends is how people feel connected to other European countries.
  • Citizens feel Milton Keynes is very multicultural and take pride in how they are community focused.
  • Overall citizens said they would feel pride in winning and having Milton Keynes recognised and thought of differently.

Follow along with the bid progress online.


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