Illegal money lending is becoming a huge issue nationally and locally there is an increase in people becoming victims. Often the result for victims can be devastating with broken relationships, losing a home and often victim to violent or threatening behaviour towards them or other members of their family; in most cases there is no clear end to the money they pay back.

Whether you are a professional or someone who works or represents the community this awareness workshop will provide you with an understanding of what it is, how to detect it and how to report it, whilst also providing you with the knowledge of preventing and raising awareness to the people you work with and for.

The free training will give you:

* more in-depth information about the project background,

* key things to look out for as a frontline worker,

* the relevance of loan sharks for your organisation

* a better understanding of information and intelligence.

Stop Loan Sharks are running two workshops in conjunction with Community Action: MK.

  • Loan Shark Training, Session 1, Thursday 5 October, Broughton Pavilion, 11:00-12:30. Sign up here
  • Loan Shark Training, Session 2, Thursday 5 October, Moorlands Centre, 18:00-19:30. Sign up here

The workshops are organised as part of our Managing My Money project – find out more about it here.