If your area is crying out for decent, affordable housing, then why not consider taking some local action to set your own housing project?


“Communities can now have more of say over what they want to build and where they want to build it.”

What is community-led housing?

Community-led housing projects are run by individual community groups determined to build the types of homes that local people need and want.

It is usually developed by, with and for a community-led organisation or enterprise, and is controlled and in some cases owned by a community-led organisation or enterprise.

These projects aim to solve local problems by working for and with the local community.

Community-led housing can help address issues like:

  • Affordable housing for:
    • those who are in need (such as unemployed people or single parents)
    • young people looking to buy their first house
    • older residents wanting to downsize
  • Reasonably priced homes for families
  • Housing that meets the community’s wants and needs
  • A long waiting list for council housing.
Text from Locality – My Community website

Community Action: MK and Future Wolverton are hosting a free taster workshop to explore the current interest in community-led housing initiatives such as co-housing and community land trusts, and to consider the opportunities that might exist in Milton Keynes for local people to take the lead in addressing their own housing situation.

The workshop will feature speakers representing K1 at Marmalade Lane, the first co-housing development in Cambridge – Frances Wright, a local resident involved in the initiative and Jonny Anstead, Director of Town, who helped to develop it.