Our MK was launched as a crowdfunding platform on 1 June 2017. Since that date, four projects have been successfully funded with the support of 172 backers and total pledges of £12,255!

So, what has been happening with funds raised through crowdfunding? Find out from each of the pilot projects below.

Urb Farm: Learning Tree Tipi and Super Storage

The Urb Farm in Wolverton raised £4,657 to build a traditional tipi in their woodland, providing space for stories, shelter from the weather and giving children coming to “the Learning Tree” the experience of living close to nature. The also wanted to purchase a secure storage after experiencing several break ins at the farm. Read their update below.


“We have now bought and installed the beautiful new tipi which has already been used by hundreds of children, young people and adults!

As the weather changes, more and more of our forest school sessions have taken place inside it – and this will make a huge difference over the coming winter season –  everyone will be able to keep warm by the campfire inside!
It has been hugely popular at our open days too, with lots of families spending hours inside, reading the nature books, playing with and learning about natural treasures such as conkers and acorns, and telling stories and singing together. Lisa and the young people that help run the Learning Tree sessions have decorated it so nicely, with cosy blankets, benches carved out of logs, crafts that the forest schoolers have created, and lanterns to light up the dreary days.
We are ordering the lock up container soon – unfortunately we had to wait until our events were over in order to have a place for it to go. We can’t wait to have it up and running as we are backed up with a plethora of forest school resources. Aside from the many tools we use, we also have bags and boxes filled with recycled bits and bobs – bottles, buttons and beads, feathers, fabric and flowers… the list goes on! All ready and waiting to be turned into some amazing, creative crafts.
We are so proud that so many people believed in us enough to donate such a huge amount of money, and we are also pleased that the resources we have been able to buy will in turn help the community – by allowing us to continue our sessions as we head in to the deep Wolverton winter, and by providing us with a safe space to keep the precious tools and resources that are needed to keep the forest school sessions exciting and interesting.
Thank you once again to everyone that supported us, shared our story and spread the word – we quite literally couldn’t have done it without you!”

The Green Oasis of Milton Keynes : Woughton on the Green Allotments

The Woughton on the Green Allotment Society raised £2,133 to purchase security cameras and gardening equipment after suffering from a break in at their premises. Equipment included a rotavator, strimmer and a mower. Read their update below:
“You and the team at Community Action: MK have been so helpful to many community groups in Milton Keynes. Our personal experience with you was made easier by your hard work and experience.
We have purchased the security cameras, and we are waiting for the ground to be dug to bury the cables. We have ordered the rotavator, strimmer and mower which will be delivered when the security equipment is fully installed and working.”

Lifesaving defibrillators in Camphill MK


Camphill Milton Keynes Communities is a charity providing a central community resource for Milton Keynes. In addition to creating a living and working community for people with learning disabilities, it is also a meeting place for many across Milton Keynes. Camphill raised £2,915 to purchase two defibrillators for their sites to keep residents and visitors safe.

“Camphill Milton Keynes was thrilled with the success of the Our MK Crowdfunding project. Our Defibrillators should be with us very soon and could quite literally save a life. What made the project all the more rewarding was the public support that we received  in achieving our fundraising goal. Our thanks to the Our MK team for all their support!”

MK Community Fridge

MK Community Fridge is two fridges and one freezer located in the foyer of The Old Bath House and Community Centre, Stratford Road, Wolverton. The fridges enable residents and businesses to share surplus food and for anyone to help themselves to quality food that would otherwise be wasted. The community fridge raised £2,540 to secure a long-term future for MK Community Fridge beyond the initial pilot project, including setting up a website.



MK Community Fridge are celebrating official accreditation from MK Council to recognise them as a 5 star food business and the launch of their new website www.mkcommunityfridge.org made possible by a successful crowdfunding campaign this summer. Just 6 months from the project seed being sown and three months from their launch, the project team of 21 volunteers have collected and redistributed more than a ton of food from local residents, allotment owners, gardeners, businesses and community groups. 

“We are all so delighted by the positive response and look forward to welcoming even more new faces over the winter months now that we have extended our staffed hours and can share the project more widely,” said Hel Innes, Project Co-ordinator.

If you haven’t already been to visit the project it is regularly staffed by volunteers on weekday evenings between 7-9pm and Thursday and Friday mornings between 10.30-1pm in the foyer of The Old Bath House on Stratford Road, Wolverton. The (honesty) fridges and freezer are also accessible out of staffed hours when there are people using the building. Food collections from Co-op, Costas, Sainsbury, Tesco, Belistore and allotment owners fill the fridges and shelves daily and the project has been helping local residents and gardeners to successfully share their unwanted food and reduce their food waste.

You can learn more about how the project works by visiting:

www.mkcommunityfridge.org and follow daily posts about what is being redistributed and and the projects’ progress on Facebook: /MKCommunityFridge and Twitter: @MKFridge.

It is now possible to pledge support by giving a one-off or regular donation through a new fundraising page via The Old Bath House and Community Centre Local Giving Page. All funds raised will be used to sustain the project beyond its initial years’ funding.

MK Community Fridge and the Old Bath House and Community Centre would like to thank everyone that has shared, visited and supported the project.


We recently held a crowdfunding workshop with Spacehive and are looking forward to seeing new projects emerge:

It’s your turn now!

Have you ever had an idea about how to improve life in Milton Keynes? Do you want to support your neighbours in seeing their ideas for the community come to life? Are you curious about what innovative projects have been proposed for your community, by your community?

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Lastly, Nesta has released some insightful findings from looking at matched crowdfunding for arts and heritage projects. Read more below:

Using matched crowdfunding to tap into more than money