Healthwatch Milton Keynes are launching a new strategy in April 2018

As part of their annual programme of work, they will be planning engagement and project activities around the health and care areas that matter most to people.

They want to hear what residents in Milton Keynes think about their current priorities.

Tell them if you think these areas should be a focus of their work for the coming year, or not.

These are their current priorities:

  • Mental health
  • Children and young people
  • The Sustainability and Transformation Partnership
  • Primary Care
  • The integration of health and social care

They also want to know about any specific issues you would like them to explore in the coming year.

It could be care homes, access to mental health, social isolation, access to healthcare in your school, or whatever’s affecting you most when it comes to your health and care needs.

Please complete this survey and distribute to your networks, patients and service users.