The next chapter of the V4 unfolds

Following the Delegated Decision made by Councillor Gowans on 30th January for road crossings to be put on the V4 by Fairfields and on the H4 by Whitehouse, the decision was called in by two Councillors on the grounds that underpasses were not being planned at all the road crossing points for the WEA.
As there are currently no safe road crossings in and out of the Western Expansion Area and many residents have to cross the grid roads (often with children), we advocated for the installation of emergency crossings.  The Councillors have now undergone mediation and have reached an agreement which includes:
  1. Putting crossings on the V4 by Fairfields and a crossing at J24 on the H4.
  2. A report on the grid road safety and Borough wide financing for underpasses, should they deem necessary at various locations.
  3. A further delegated report will be towards the end of March regarding the underpass at J25.

WEA development map DEC 2015-1