The Open University is organising an exciting project called a Year of Mygration.

All of us are affected by migration, whether or not we are migrants ourselves. Starting in January 2018, on every day of the calendar year, they have been celebrating the Open University’s commitment to migrants and migration in their learning, teaching, research and engagement. This takes various forms: from blogs, pictures, audio and video clips, social media activities to dedicated academic and public facing events.

The purpose of the Year of Mygration is also to draw attention to the local aspects of migration. They aim to showcase Milton Keynes as a place of migration and would be very keen to have your input into content which they create.

They would be keen to find out more about your organisation’s experience of supporting refugees and asylum seekers and to showcase Milton Keynes as a place which welcomed refugees. They would be happy to interview any members of your organisation who work/ worked supporting refugees or even the refugees themselves should this be possible. Equally, they would be happy with a short piece reflecting on your/ your organisation’s experience with welcoming refugees or quotes and pictures- whichever version is most suitable and acceptable. The content would be placed on their website during April 2018 which they have dedicated to the broad theme of ‘Ideas’ about migration.

If you would like to contribute content for the April edition of the Year of Mygration, please get in touch with Dr Sara de Jong or Dr Olga Jurasz

For sample content, please visit: or follow #Mygration on Twitter.