The National Trust at Stowe are inviting community groups to be involved in a new project at Stowe called ‘Aren’t We Worthy?’

Stowe’s monument called the Temple of British Worthies features 16 people that
were chosen for being ‘worthy’ back in 1735.

Fifteen of them are men and only one a woman – Queen Elizabeth I. As 2018 marks 100 years since some women won the right to vote, Stowe want to create a response to that and celebrate the women that the community feels are worthy today.

They are inviting local community groups to nominate their ‘worthy’ women – local heroes that are highly valued members of the local community.

An impartial community panel will select the top 6 local worthies to display in a modern day representation of the Temple of British Worthies later in the year.

Nominate now!

You have until midnight on Monday 2nd April to complete the Community Worthies Nomination Form and return it via email to:


Why not celebrate Vote 100 by bringing your group together to elect your Worthy, you could take nominations and run a group vote to make it democratic?