West Bletchley Council has submitted the final version of its Neighbourhood Plan to Milton Keynes Council. The Plan is now being published in accordance with Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Plans (General) Regulations 2012. This is the final stage to make comments on the Plan.

The submitted Plan and its supporting documents including a Consultation Summary Note which provides further information about this stage of the neighbourhood planning process are available to view at:


Any comments on the Plan at this stage (including those from members of the public and other organisations) will be passed to an independent person (the Examiner) to consider when he or she is examining the Plan.  The Examiner will consider whether the Plan:

–              Meets a number of basic conditions

–              Satisfies the legal requirements for neighbourhood plans, and

–              Identifies an appropriate area for the referendum.

As part of this process, the Examiner will decide if the Plan should proceed to the Referendum stage, which is where local residents will have the opportunity to vote on whether the plan should be made (adopted) and used by Milton Keynes Council in the determination of planning applications in the area that it covers.

As this is the final chance to comment before the Plan goes to examination and then on to Referendum, it is important if there are any outstanding concerns you have regarding the Plan, that they are raised now for the Examiner to consider.

Comments should be sent to: neighbourhoodplanning@milton-keynes.gov.uk   by 5pm on Tuesday 19th June  2018.