Q:alliance benefit from first Good Governance Trustee Workshop

“As a small grassroots local charity, reliant on volunteers, often governance issues are cast aside because we need to deal with more immediate operational issues.

However, the Good Governance session we had with Alissa Pemberton from Community Action: MK gave us the time and space we needed to discuss what good governance is, what we are doing well already – and giving ourselves a pat on the back – and the areas where we need to improve.

She made us feel relaxed and helped us to approach a complex and daunting topic in a accessible and enjoyable way.

As a trustee board, we can’t wait to see Alissa’s results and begin to make positive changes for our charity.

As a result of the session, we have already got the ball rolling in converting from a registered charity and company to a CIO.

Thank you to Community Action: MK for providing this service for small local charities who need the support and MK Community Foundation for providing the funding.”

Ellie Walsh, Q:alliance

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