Join the Health and Wellbeing Board 

The Milton Keynes Health and Wellbeing Board is appointing a new Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Board Member and a Deputy. The Health and Wellbeing Board have asked Community Action: MK to run the process to enable a wide and diverse range of applications be considered.  

Role Description:

The Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Representative/Advisor on the board will be expected to:  

  • Provide credible representation and a voice for the VCSE sector in Milton Keynes.  
  • Act as a champion and a critical friend for the VCSE sector on the Health and Wellbeing Board.  
  • Motivate the VCSE to work together as a key partner in delivering the priorities set out in our ten year health and well-being strategy.  
  • Work in partnership to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for the local community and reduce health inequalities.  
  • Be committed to developing the Health and Wellbeing Board as a high performing board, ensuring that it i in touch with the people and the VCSE sector.
  • Facilitate ongoing engagement with the wider VCSE sector on behalf of the Board  Promote health and social care integration .
  • Be committed to ensuring that the board values diversity and promotes equality and inclusivity in all aspects of its business.  
  • Provide a good level of attendance at board meetings and ensure the deputy is engaged and prepared for their role.

(NB. There are a minimum of five meetings held per year, usually in the evening)

Person Requirements/Relevant skills/Knowledge

The desirable candidate must:  

  • Have a general knowledge/understanding of health and social care services and an appreciation of the broad social, political and economic trends influencing them.  
  • Have experience of working in a collaborative decision making group such as a board level committee.  
  • Be engaging in how they communicate, behave and interact with others.  
  • Be able to make a strong contribution to strategic meetings in a constructive, appropriate and professional manner.  
  • Be objective and considerate of issues from all perspectives, especially external and service user perspectives.  
  • Have recent or current experience of working at a senior level for a VCSE organisation (in a paid or Trustee position)  in Milton Keynes and be able to demonstrate legitimacy in representing the Milton Keynes VCSE sector.

Please note: This appointment is for period of up to three years.

Application Process: Letters of Application by email to: by Thursday 4 October 2018.  Interviews will be held on Thursday 11th October 2018 in Acorn House.  

VCSE Health and Wellbeing Representative Task and Finish Group


To oversee the recruitment of a new VCSE representative to the Health and Wellbeing Board.  


    1. Two small Health focussed organisations
    2. Two medium sized health focussed organisations
    3. Two organisations offering Wellbeing services or activities
    4. Healthwatch

  • Community Action: MK to Chair


  1. To recruit the interview panel.
  2. To agree the selection criteria based on the person specification and role description
  3. To develop interview questions
  4. To shortlist the applications for interview

Health and Wellbeing VCSE Nominations Project Plan

Week Commencing Task Who
2 July 2018 Prepare revised process for nominations CAMK
Seek approvals for adapted timetable, criteria and panel from MKC CAMK
16 July 2018 Circulate process to VCSE organisations CAMK
Advertise for Task and Finish Group Members to manage the process CAMK
Set Dates for 2 Information Sessions and arrange venues and people to support / answer queries CAMK

HWB Members

Advertise Revised Process and Key Dates:

Information Sessions / Application Deadlines / Interview

23 July 2018 Confirm Task and Finish Group Members CAMK
Arrange Task and Finish Group Meeting Schedule CAMK
Advertise Revised Process and Key Dates:

Information Sessions / Application Deadlines / Interview

6 August 2018 Hold Task and Finish Group Meeting: agree interview panel, create selection criteria and develop interview questions T&F Group
Advertise Revised Process and Key Dates:

Information Sessions / Application Deadlines / Interview

Appoint Interview Panel T&F Group
10 Sept 2018 Host Information Session for potential nominees

Monday 10th September 4-6pm

T&F Group


Advertise Revised Process All
24 Sept 2018


Host Information Session for potential nominees at CAMK Networking Event

TBC Friday 28th September or Saturday 29th September

T&F Group


1 October 2018 Applications to be received on Thursday 4 October CAMK
Application letters to be anonymised and circulated to Task and Finish Group for review and shortlisting.   CAMK &

T & F Group

Shortlisted applications to be circulated to the Interview Panel for review CAMK
8 October 2018 Interviews take place on Thursday 11 October   Interview Panel
Interview Panel make recommended appointment Interview Panel
Interview Panel write to Health and Wellbeing with their named and recommended appointment. Interview Panel


21 Nov 2018 Health and Wellbeing Board Meet HWB