The Planting Up project is building a community garden at Westbury Arts Centre (in Shenley Wood) to give MK residents a safe, welcoming and educational place for people to enjoy being outside together, “muck in” with some organic “no-dig” gardening methods and to connect with Art, Nature, Food and each other.

In the long term, we expect local families, schools and groups to visit the house and gardens and join our project to learn more about growing your own food, about permaculture and recycling, to help us create wildlife habitats that encourage biodiversity in the garden, and for us all to benefit from the organic produce we grow.

Our focus on permaculture means that we will be recycling, reusing materials, and keeping to local resources – helping to save money, protect the environment and help to reduce our carbon footprint.

There are two areas that we need volunteer help with:

1) Gardening to help maintain the gardens
2) With admin and marketing to help promote the project in MK

Read more and apply here.