Sanctuary Hosting – Sanctuary Hosting matches homeless asylum seekers, refugees and vulnerable migrants to people in the community with spare rooms and open hearts, to stay rent free for an agreed period of time.

Volunteer Host

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A ‘host’ is someone who generously accommodates a refugee, migrant or asylum seeker – a ‘guest’ – in their own home. This is usually in a spare room. It is up to the host to decide how long they are willing to accommodate someone. This could be for just a few days or considerably longer. The initial agreement is always for a week or two; then you can decide to extend if you wish. People host in all sorts of different ways and we aim to be as flexible as possible. Find out more

Volunteer Guest Support Worker

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Volunteer guest support workers provide practical support to guests in the hosting scheme, acting as the main contact. The guest support worker attends meetings relating to their hosting placement with the guest. During the placement, the guest support worker makes weekly check-in contact e.g. by phone or text message and meets with the guest in person at least once a month. The support worker’s role is to help the guest access services as needed, and report any issues that might arise during the hosting placement to the Service Manager. Find out more

Volunteer Host Support Worker

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Host support workers provide vital support to the people who welcome guests into their homes. They are the main contact point for hosts and are essential in maintaining good links and communication between a host and Sanctuary Hosting.  Find out more