Early Help Strategy 2019- 2022

Milton Keynes Safeguarding Board and the Milton Keynes Safeguarding Board Children’s Partnership have been working on an Early Help Strategy for Milton Keynes.  

MK Together (which brings together the Milton Keynes Safeguarding Boards, Community Safety and the Health and Wellbeing Boards) are circulating the consultation document which has been prepared by a cross sector Task and Finish Group. 

 Priorities include: 

  • To target resources effectively to support children and their families as early as possible when problems arise
  • To monitor and measure the impact of the Early Help offer through assessment processes and performance management
  • To build on the strengths and capacity of families and communities to meet children’s needs through universal services where possible
  • To prevent the need for referral and thereby reduce the number of children requiring specialist and statutory support
  • To support children to thrive by intervening to improve key protective factors that help build resilience
  • To support the Early Help model to thrive through shared understanding and responsibility across partners

Please follow this link to access the consultation document.

Please submit your comments on the consultation document by Monday 8 July to MKTogether@milton-keynes.gov.uk