Community Action: MK went to visit the Community Club at Unity Park on Tuesday 22 October, it was great to feel welcomed and shown around the space that is a hub for multiple community organisations. The new community Club has been spreading the word about their new service – so we wanted to share with you how inviting it is and encourage you to pop in, meet the staff and volunteers. 

The Community Club has been open for 3 weeks, 10am-1pm. It is a warm and welcoming space that invites individuals to pop in, have a cup of tea, look around the charity shop, play games and meet new people. 

The volunteers working at Unity park are helpful and kind, offering you tea, biscuits and playing games with those who pop in. The space is there for anyone who wants to have a chat, ask for advice, play table tennis and other services. One of the aims of the community club is to reduce feelings of loneliness and support people. 

The team are keen to get in touch with agencies and organisations who might want to support guests. 

ALL are welcome, you can go along every Tuesday 10am-1pm. 

You can find Unity Park Station at the Old bus stop, 401 Elder Gate, MK9 1LR