Trustees are very important to any organisation and Community Action: MK is no exception, which is why this Trustees Week we invited two of our longest serving trustees down for our group meeting to help us gain insight into the role of a trustee and how it feels to be one.  

Both Roger and Danny have been involved with Community Action: MK for years.

D Conway Aug 2017

Danny have become our Chair over his time here and has said he feels very proud to apart of Community Action: MK and the impact he has had with us. Danny himself has said that he’d rather focus on “The forest” rather than “the mushrooms”, meaning the big picture and things that should be done over a longer period of time rather than the things that are solved overnight. And this way of viewing things has helped the whole organisation think long term which has led to the best results.

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Roger started making films for Community Action: MK before eventually becoming a trustee. Roger is very supportive of what Community Action: MK strives to achieve and what they have accomplished during his time as trustee. He says that “time is an undervalued commodity” and that there never feels like there’s enough time to do everything, but everything still manages to get done. Roger loves to see change in action, and being apart of an organisation that specialises in makes that change is something he relishes when he takes part in events with us.

All in all trustees are definitely a great part of our organisation and we thank each and every one of them for being with us and helping us to make that change that is so often desired.

Community Action: MK’s breakfast with two of our trustees, Danny Conway and Roger Kitchen, during the Trustee Week 2019.

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