On Tuesday 29 October, Community Action: MK headed down to Centrecom the local community space between North 9th and 10th Street. We were supporting the Green Gym and The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) with their ‘Plating Up’ event of the community space. Although it was chilly to start, once we got stuck in it soon warmed up and a beautiful day for gardening. The group were so warm and friendly, it was a shame more residents couldn’t make it. 

Community Action staff loved being involved and seeing how the group came together to change the whole feel of the space. This is the 2nd visit from the Green Gym to this spot, and from the pictures it is clear how much hard work has gone into it. The group are volunteers who are continually looking for new members to join them. From giving it a go we can see why people join, it is lovely to be out in the fresh air and so rewarding to see spaces transformed. The space next to Centrecom has gone from an overgrown and uninviting patch to a clear and green peaceful spot, the robins seem to like it already! 

The Green Gym meet weekly working on different projects and spaces, it is clear that the work can help you both physically and with general wellbeing.  Have a look at upcoming events here: https://plantingup.co.uk/event/intu-mk-green-gym-291019/