The spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is a concern for all of us and Community Action:MK is taking the matter seriously.  

The UK’s 4 Chief Medical Officers have increased the risk from low to moderate in terms of planning for all eventualities for the wider public (the risk to individuals is still low).

Community Action: MK will post regular reminders on practical things we can all do as individuals to help reduce the risk of catching and spreading this virus.  We are stressing the importance of good hygiene, plus details of any changes to advice to help minimise the risk of spread of the virus.

We are keeping up to date with advice from:

(i) NHS England
(ii) Department of Health and Social Care

The government site gives clear guidance on what to do (e.g. self-isolate) if you have returned from visiting any of the affected areas, whether you are experiencing symptoms or not.

What Community Action: MK is doing:

• We are putting practical measures in place to help reduce the risk of spread of the virus, such as improved signage in office about hand-washing; providing antibacterial hand-wash at all our desks and regular disinfecting of door handles. These practical measures will be reviewed regularly, particularly in light of any changes to public health guidance.

• We have begun to plan for how our staff team will operate should the situation escalate and the services we normally provide can no longer be delivered (either by staff illness or the need to work from home) – if you haven’t already done this, it may be timely to revisit your own contingency planning for the services you provide.

What our team as individuals will be doing to reduce the risk:

• One of our team is currently self isolating.

• Regular and thorough hand-washing with hot soapy water (not touching mouth, nose or eyes with unwashed hands).

• The agreement not to take offence when someone politely reminds us about washing our hands (it is easy to forget when we are always in a rush and our minds are elsewhere).

• Using tissues or your elbow (when sneezing or coughing – NOT coughing or sneezing into someone’s face.

• Using antibacterial wipes on phones etc.. especially if you hot desk regularly.

• Avoid close contact with people who are unwell.

• We are looking for advice in different languages and will post information here as we find it.

• If you think you might be infected with the Coronavirus, do not risk spreading it by coming into work or by going to the GP or hospital. Ring 111 for advice.

If you are providing services in the social, community care or residential care setting:

There is some specific advice for providers of these services here on the government website here.

Information Videos

How to Cough:

How to hand wash (this is a little lighthearted, however effectively demonstrates the required technique:

Published March 5 2020
(Adapted from information prepared by Voluntary Action Sheffield. Thank you)