What an amazing response from volunteers during such an uncertain time. There is always a natural human instinct to help our fellow man.

We admire your commitment and would like to offer some practical advice for being safe and looking after yourself.

Volunteers have taken on many different roles including food collection, prescription pick ups and even dog walking to name a few. 

A few key things to have at the forefront of your mind always is, wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds, especially after being out. Keep to the two metre social distancing, if you feel unwell or suspect you have the virus take the 7 days isolation to recover and prevent spreading to anyone else. You can always get back out there to help others when it is safer to do so.

  • NCVO Advice This is full of helpful information on staying safe, including a video and quiz.

Top Tips for Volunteers

1) Keep following advice and updates coming from the Government.

2) Keep washing your hands! Before and after your volunteering.

3) If you need to self-isolate at home, think about what kind of volunteering you could do from home.

4) Only do things you feel comfortable with. You may want to help others at this difficult time, but it is still OK to say no!

5) Keep yourself safe – don’t go into any situations that do not feel safe.

6) Stay connected – make sure someone knows where you are at all times.

7) Share concerns – if you are worried about someone’s welfare, see who you can share your concerns with.

8) Don’t take on too much – you have to look after yourself as well!

9) Confidentiality – don’t share anyone’s personal details without their permission.

10) Don’t try to give people medical advice unless you are trained to do so.

11) Bear in mind that the virus survives longer on some surfaces: BBC Advice

12) Think about wearing gloves or carrying hand sanitiser with you.

13) Remember that you are giving your time to help others! You are AMAZING and we want to thank you for your help!

Watch this 3 minute video for tips for keeping safe when volunteering.