We virtually got together with some of the amazing organisations across MK at the end of November. The space was there to hear from groups, share some of the work and signposting documents we have been working on and just generally touch base to see how things are going and what we can do. 

We want to ensure and work towards improving the communication in the VCSE sector. We hope this will create spaces so that groups big or small know what’s going on. Alongside the importance of communities and residents knowing what support is out there, how to contact groups and get involved. We know and have seen that MK has such a vibrant VCSE sector and this needs to be shouted about!! Hopefully the formal signposting document will be a useful tool and guide for both organisations and individuals. 

Formal signposting channels 

You can find our updated signposting document here: https://communityactionmk.org/formal-signposting-channels/. This document will provide you with organisations information and their details, a range of themes have been covered such as: Food, Medication, Homelessness, Financial and Employment, Young people, Mental Health, Physical Health and several others. We will continue to add group information and updates, so please get in touch with us!! info@comunityactionmk.org

Easy Read Guides – we made 3 different guides that we hope will be helpful to ensure the information is accessible and easy to share around. The guides cover food, financial support and isolation

Sharing of resources

Over the last few months we have been, and are continuing to update and add services to our formal signposting document. You might have seen our calls for groups and organisations to get in touch and tell us what you are up to, offering and how people can get in touch. We know the list is still not exhaustive so if you know of any groups or you are offering a service please get in touch with us at support@communityactionmk.org

We also have our Collaborative Action groups that will be meeting regularly in the new year to make space for continued cross sector conversations and connections. It is great for us to keep in touch with you and hear about any issues you are managing or group needs. This way we can share and call for support as and when needed. Don’t forget about the range of service we offer and how we can support you.  

Our services – a refresher

We wanted to share some of our services and support we offer, ways that you can keep in touch with the sector, sharing your work and showcasing what everyone has been doing. 


It’s so useful to get feedback from groups and members joining and this has been a core part of the Collaborative Action Groups in the past, so that we can adjust and adapt the support needed. 

“It was lovely to join the networking group and to hear about all the amazing work that everyone is doing. Fantastic to see the community come together”

“It’s a great resource, thank you for putting it together, it will really help us in supporting guests in MK.” – Sarah, Sanctuary Hosting

“I’m about to forward the Signposting link to my colleagues on resettlement teams in prisons, as they’ve been looking for this sort of resource for some time.” (Tom – Aspire) 

Quotes from attendees of our November Networking session

Christmas Cuppa – 

If you’d like to join us for an informal festive cuppa and a chat, we will be sitting in an online room from 12-12.30pm on Wednesday 16th December – you can join for as little or as long as you like. This is a space for us to chat about anything you wish and a chance for you to ask questions, give us a quick update on where your group is at, or even share some of your festive plans. It would be lovely to just touch base and say hello, and wish you a ‘Happy Christmas’. Join on Wednesday 16th from 12pm via: bit.ly/CAMKCHRISTMASCUPPA