We have been talking to groups and organisations across the sector and are pleased to share this accumulation of stories and experiences of those who have been helping throughout Covid-19 and what they have been able to do. It is brilliant to see just how vibrant and active the community and voluntary sector of Milton Keynes is. We have been hearing about the tireless work that has gone into ensuring people have support, the challenges groups have faced in just trying to survive and get through this unprecedented time and also the amazing innovation of groups to adjust, adapt and begin new projects to reach communities. What a fantastic sector to be apart of. We want to send a huge thank you to all of the groups and volunteers who have provided invaluable support and wish you well for the future, we look forward to working with you, from all of us at CA:MK <3

We hope you enjoy looking through and reading this summary – if you would like your organisation and work to be added please email us at info@communityactionmk.org. You can look at the PDF version which will enable to you access the links to websites, Facebook pages and contact info (underlined text in slideshow). Please feel free to share widely and we would love to hear any feedback.