This event on 18th January is a space for those from a BAME background who would like to share their insights, experiences and be involved in or share their views on the creation of a dedicated space / group committed to supporting and raising awareness for issues facing BAME communities. If you are interested in attending the virtual town hall event you should register by emailing Please remember to include your name, the organisation you are part of, if applicable and preferred breakout sessions, listed below (Register by 14th January)

Community Action MK with MK Community Foundation have been supporting Fidele Mutwarasibo and a small group of individuals to explore ideas for a dedicated network/group to support the diverse and marginalised communities here in MK. This event will be a space to expand on initial discussions. We want to hear what BAME community members, groups and organisations are looking for within MK and key issues that need to be raised. It is also an opportunity to hear from some key organisations and the actions they are taking to support BAME residents, for example police, council, health etc. Involvement of the numerous BAME communities of MK is vital to the success of such a discussion. With views and lived experiences being the foundation of plans and future direction. It is clear that there are fundamental imbalances and inequality in accessing resources within the community and voluntary sector (indeed, wider society). This event is a step towards action and change by creating space to discuss, shape and design a solution to meet an unmet need in MK.

The virtual town hall event is on January 18th. The session will start at 5:30pm, prompt and will last no more than 90 minutes. Those interested in attending the virtual town hall event should register by email via Please register your interest by the 14th January.

Outline of the event:

  • A brief overview of the discussions so far
  • Short presentations by: MK Council, the Police, the NHS, Community Action:MK and MK Community Foundation.
  • Breakout sessions – where participants will get the opportunity to discuss what such a platform could prioritise under the selected themes (below).

When you register your interest please select 3 breakout sessions that you would like to join and we will try and place you in your preferred session. Choose from: *Policing *Health *Education *Housing *Employment *Social Services *Culture *Youth Work. (People working on the selected themes in Milton Keynes will be joining the breakout sessions and will contribute to the session with insights into what is happening in MK at this moment in time.)

  • Short summaries from each breakout room
  • Concluding with presentation on models of BAME infrastructure organisations

If you know someone from a BAME background who would like to be involved in these conversations. Please kindly share this invitation with them.

If you would like to discuss any other issue about the initiative, please email Dr Fidele Mutwarasibo who is leading on the creation of such an important discussion –