In 2021 we’ve been making some changes and hoping to improve our volunteering platform to suit the evolving needs that we have come across throughout the pandemic and adjust and adapt as we move into this New Year. 

With this in mind we have transitioned to and created a Community Action: MK, Doit.Org site. We feel that this platform will better suit the needs of groups and volunteers as we move forwards. We are still in the process of launching so you will hear more about the platform in the coming weeks, we’d especially like to encourage organisations to create their profile page and begin upload volunteering opportunities so that when officially launch volunteers will see the variety of opportunities available in MK. More details below including, videos guiding you through the platform and upcoming support sessions.

We have created our own ‘Ecosystem’ on DoIt that will allow groups in Milton Keynes to interact and volunteers to see the various opportunities that are locally available to them. Joining our ecosystem will automatically connect you to the resources we have already shared and the various functions we have worked with DoIt to include so you can get the most out of the site. 

There are 2 different accounts that you can make, either one as an organisation so that you can promote your volunteering roles and access different features, or the the individual volunteer account so that you can browse and register interests in various roles. Please ensure you use the right link depending on what you want to use the site for. 

Register now: 

Sign up as an organisation -This will create you an admin dashboard, so you can manage your profile and organisation details. Click on the ‘JOIN’ button at the bottom of the site to make sure you create an admin dashboard, or use the link here.

Sign up as a volunteer – This will create you a ‘DoIt Pass’ where you can add your interests and browse. When on the site you can use the Sign Up button in the right hand corner or the JOIN button seen under ‘Community Action: MK’.

We know these are unprecedented times and very busy for everyone, but we are really excited and keen to support all organisations and potential volunteers to get set up on the platform. This will further connect our vibrant community and voluntary sector.  

We will be offering a range of support sessions for both organisations and volunteers. 

Book onto the support sessions here and send us any questions. We are not yet experts on the site, so if there’s anything we can’t help you with on the day we will get back to you. 

Support sessions for Groups – 25th February @ 2pm

Support sessions for Volunteers – 2nd March @ 11am and 16th March @ 11am

Remember to look out for the Community Action: MK logo, to double check that you are in the right place for joining our ecosystem. We look forward to meeting and supporting you soon! Remember any questions or queries please email us on

Videos to help you get started…

For Organisations Signing Up: 

For Volunteers signing up: