Voices of Women MK

Together let’s celebrate a better future

The newly formed Women’s Partnership of Milton Keynes* is inviting you to join us on Sunday 7 March for a lively mini-festival.

We are putting on a stimulating and entertaining afternoon where the entire focus will be on championing women’s voices. Our patchwork of FREE online events is a perfect introduction to the globally celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8th.

So let us get things started on Sunday 7th March with an array of panel discussions with local artists and activists, films focused on women, topical talks from NHS workers and other professionals, activities from crafts to yoga, podcasts to accompany you on an energising walk, and spaces to simply relax and enjoy yourself. We even have a special story for children being read by a local author, perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

Join us, and why not bring the name of a woman who has inspired you during the past year? It could be anyone, from your mum to Kamala Harris, from Greta Thunberg to Dolly Parton. Let’s give them all the honour they deserve.

We will end the festival with an evening of friendly open-ended conversations on What Women Want. So … bring a drink, get involved and raise a glass to those splendid women everywhere!There will be events and activities running from 1:30pm through until 9pm. You can book for as much or as little as you like. Each session below has a series of activities which you can dip in and out of. Please click on the link below for more information about the programme and how to register. We will be recording the afternoon sessions and you will be able to watch the sessions on YouTube.