Mental Health Alliance:

Community Action: MK facilitates the Milton Keynes Mental Health Alliance. The Alliance is made up of voluntary and community sector groups that play a part in improving the mental health of the people they work with. A huge variety of groups, large and small, are involved with the Alliance, covering a range of activities and services. Not all of the member groups work on mental health issues directly, but may instead support activities that improve health and wellbeing more generally.

Aims of the Mental Health Alliance:

The aim of the Mental Health Alliance is to support the voluntary and community sector to work as collaboratively as possible and to play an active role in the delivery and design of mental health services in MK. It also aims to ensure that the lived experience of a range of people in the City is heard and understood, and that funding is accessed and used to help those that most need mental health support in a way that works for them.

Contact us:

We’re really keen to ensure that as many groups as possible are part of the Mental Health Alliance, so if you’re a group carrying out activities that improve health and wellbeing, and are interested in joining the Alliance, please get in touch.

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