Outreach Support: Xtra Special Families

Members of staff from our team at Community Action: MK recently attended an event set up by Xtra Special Families.

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Xtra Special Families are a local Community Group, powered entirely by a small group of volunteers. They offer holiday sessions, full of fun with games, outdoor activities and guest entertainment. Each session is open to any family with a disabled child or child with additional needs and their siblings, living in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.

Find out more about their events here or click here to find out more about volunteering with Xtra Special Families!

Through our Group Support Team, Community Action: MK have supported Xtra Special Families from the start – providing help with the initial stages of creating a Community Group including help writing governing documents, ensuring correct policies were in place and providing information of appropriate venues for their events.

With this support, Xtra Special Families were able to set up and offer their vital services to (NUMBER OF USERS) from Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas.

Now, through our Volunteer Coordinator and Growth and Development Staff, Community Action: MK continue to support Xtra Special Families as we attend events, promote their incredibly important work and help source new volunteers.

We are honoured to have had the opportunity to work with Xtra Special Families and highlight an example of the importance of working with local communities in Milton Keynes.

If you are interested in setting up a group in Milton Keynes or you would like some guidance on Governance, Volunteering or any other service for your group, please email support@communityactionmk.org.