You can see our previous Five Year (2018-22) here.

Co-production and listening to feedback

Over the past year or so we have been collating feedback to inform our next Five Year Plan (2023-28) in order to reflect the voices and needs of the Milton Keynes’ Voluntary and Community Groups and Organisations.

The focus has been on how Community Action: MK can best support MK groups to:

  • Access funding and other opportunities for growth and collaboration
  • Develop and maintain a thriving volunteer community
  • Help position the VCSE in Milton Keynes as a strategic partner within the local decision and policy making in the City

With this in mind, we asked two questions for consideration:

  1. What should our priorities in the above areas be? Are there any gaps we have missed?
  2. How can CA: MK share the impact of Milton Keynes’ Voluntary and Community Groups and Organisations?

What has the feedback been?

You can see the answers gathered through the Google Jamboard, a virtual flip chart, where you can add ‘sticky notes’ using the menu found on the left hand side of the page.

We engaged with a range of groups that attended our AGM in October 2022 and gathered their feedback. See the jamboard with all the feedback collated here.

Many thanks for taking the time to complete the board, your insights will be invaluable in ensuring we can continue to strengthen groups, communities and the VCSE sector in Milton Keynes.

If you would like to discuss any of the topics in more detail, please email to arrange a support session with a member of the team or book an online session on:

Next Steps:

We are in the process of bringing all the feedback together and finalising our next Five Year Plan, which will be shared through our website and the newsletter shortly – watch the space!