Today’s guest blog comes from ROQ Raw Radio, who are in search of both volunteers and studio space. Read on for more details on getting involved in this innovative MK project:

ROQ Raw Radio (Asian Community Radio Station) was founded December 2020 during the
covid pandemic. With a background in working for commercial Asian radio in London Jessica
Memon, felt that there was a gap in the Asian radio market. And wanted to use her skills to
bring a radio platform to Milton Keynes.

The station is based remotely in Milton Keynes but transmitted across the world via the
website and app. We are currently in search of a studio space to make our mark in MK!

ROQ Raw Radio was set up with passion and dedication to being able to provide great
music, interviews, and information to new audiences. In a market where there are a major
key Asian Radio stations, we are proud to be providing good quality real radio (currently
with no advertising).

The station is getting ready to go live on DAB in Milton Keynes later this year. Although a
radio we are looking at focusing its output to address the growing Asian community allowing
them to not only have a platform to air their views but also them a voice and a sense of
community engagement.

In preparation we are working with volunteers who have an interest in being a part of our
journey. Currently we have just finished Season 1 of Dreams to Reality show where our presenter
works with young people to develop their interviewing and researching skills. The show
focuses on conversations with inspiring individuals that have excelled in their careers from
Missile scientists to badminton players. Our next season will develop their skills to look at
editing and radio technicalities.

The radio is working with individuals that have never worked in radio before to help develop
a variety of skills that they would not normally gain. Our target is to work with young
people, women and incorporate music and mental health and wellbeing within any training
we provide.

We hope to encourage some new budding presenters!
Community will be the core of our programming. As the community has grows, we will
develop alongside it, very much adapting to the demands and changes in Milton Keynes.