You are invited to take part in the special event on Monday 13th November – midday until 6pm at the Chrysalis Theatre, Camphill.

People, groups and organisations of Milton Keynes are invited to come and learn how Donuts can help us to sustain people and the planet. Drop-in to our exhibition and help us imagine, reach for and start to design a better future together.

About MK Doughnut Economics
Milton Keynes Doughnut Economics Group is part of the global movement of Doughnut Economics Action Lab. They are bringing to Milton Keynes a local vision for a City thriving within the earth’s boundaries

Locally, the group is closely affiliated with Transition Town MK who organise local action for low-carbon communities and are active in the Citizens Milton Keynes’ Green Alliance as well as in the new Milton Keynes Climate Action Network.

What’s the worry? What are the issues the group wants to tackle?
The key questions are we are all asking ourselves are…How can our communities respond to the rise in energy costs and the cost of living? How do we keep ourselves, our families and our neighbours healthy and well? How can we restore biodiversity and ensure water and soil health and achieve food security? The group wants local people to come together and share concerns and remedial ideas.

The sweet spot…
The doughnut model is a different way of doing economics that provides a safe space or sweet spot for all our economic activity, which will keep us within planetary boundaries and meet people’s needs.

The key idea behind Doughnut Economics is to create a “safe and just space for humanity.” The doughnut represents this space, with an inner ring that represents the social foundation, containing the minimum standards for human well-being. The outer ring represents the ecological ceiling, which represents the limits of the planet’s resources.

Discover the MK City Portrait

MK Doughnut Economics have begun compiling an MK City Portrait as a tool to understand how regenerative and distributive we are in Milton Keynes. It could help confront, together, the complex choices ahead if we are to live fairly and sustainably, and strike a balance with nature.

Global Connection – there will be numerous opportunities throughout the day to connect with fellow Donut enthusiasts from different Donut festivals globally. These moments of connection will feature inspiring talks delivered by Kate Raworth, the founder of Doughnut Economics, as well as skilled practitioners from around the world. Stay tuned and follow the hashtags #GlobalDonutDay and #MKDonutDay on social media to be part of this exciting experience!

The ultimate goal of Doughnut Economics is to bring humanity into the doughnut’s safe space, meeting the needs of all people without exceeding the planet’s boundaries. This requires an economic system that focuses on social well-being, environmental sustainability, and a fair distribution of resources. By adopting the principles of Doughnut Economics, we can strive to create a more balanced and sustainable world, where the well-being of both people and the planet are prioritized.

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