Our Vision is of a Good Society, composed of sustainable and resilient communities where people have opportunities to be active and engaged, and are supported by a healthy and thriving Voluntary and Community Sector.


To educate, empower and enable people and groups to champion the change they wish to see in their communities. Community Action: MK will provide the very best support and give a voice to the Voluntary and Community Sector.

At Community Action: MK we believe:

That Voluntary and Community action is at the heart of a good society.

That a Good Society promotes fairness and social justice and people are enabled to take action for positive change.

That the voluntary and community sector plays a vital role in creating and facilitating opportunities for participation, action and decision making in local communities.

That the a Good Society creates a sense of community where people volunteer for the causes and organisations which are close to their hearts, minds and values.

Underpinned by the values of:

Transparency, openness & fairness.