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Community Action: MK answers enquiries for and about the voluntary and community sector in Milton Keynes. We also provide information about all aspects of running a voluntary or community group, and can signpost you to other support and information. Community Action: MK also provides information and support about the city’s growth, and will be looking to support the new communities moving into the city. For more info, visit the Charities and Groups section, call us on 01908 661623 or email support@communityactionmk.org.


Community Action: MK provides advice and support on setting up, managing and developing your voluntary or community group. We can work with you on a 1:1 basis, or can get you linked in with local training and events. We give advice on ‘getting fit for funding’, forward planning and good governance. We also offer a monthly legal clinic which can support you on a range of issues. For more info call us on 01908 661623 or email support@communityactionmk.org.


We work with local groups to help them recruit volunteers for their organisations. If you are a local charity or community group you may find our Best Practice Guide very useful, you can view it online, or click here to download a copy.

We also work with members of the public giving them information, advice and guidance on volunteering opportunities and helping them choose a potential role that’s right for them.


Community Action: MK gives groups the opportunity to meet with each other through a series of popular networking events. We also run themed events and focus groups to help  you to get involved with new areas of work or projects. Keep an eye out on our Learning and Events page for what’s coming up.


Community Action: MK works in partnership with other voluntary and community groups, public sector bodies and private organisations to enable people to play an active part in their community. We also support some local voluntary sector partnerships, and are interested in getting groups to look at how they can work better with each other.

Working for Change

Community Action: MK works to influence the development of policies that affect the voluntary and community sector. We look to get the views of the sector and feed them into public service agencies so the sector has a voice.

In Your Community

Community Mobilisers (CMs) support people to have a voice in their community. They work with agencies and schools, enabling volunteers to play a role in decision making, signposting to training, and creating sustainable ways to contribute and enjoy life in the places they live. For more info see our Communities page.

Our Team

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