Our Work: Pedalling Culture Goes Electric!

On Tuesday our Pedalling Culture Community Engagement and Champion Coordinator Nicky, visited the EV Experience Centre (EVEC) located in Crown Walk in the centre:mk.

Their aim is to provide completely free education about electric vehicles and offer Milton Keynes residents and visitors the chance to test drive a range of different electric cars on the market.

Nicky met with the ‘gurus’ there and had a test drive in one of the ‘artist wrapped’ electric cars, which were commissioned by the Pedalling Culture project. She was amazed at how easy it was to drive, just like an automatic, and how simple it was to charge.

The EVEC offer 20 minute test drives as well as week long vehicle loans from the EV Experience Centre. All you need is your driving licence and DVLA check code.

The Pedalling Culture project encourages MK residents and visitors to explore the culture and heritage MK has to offer, using all types of sustainable transport methods, whether that be by foot, bike or electric vehicles. Nicky is recruiting Pedalling Culture Volunteer Champions to help spread the word about the project. If you are passionate about culture, art and heritage in MK and about sustainable transport methods and feel you may have a small amount of time to volunteer, then please do contact Nicky for more info. If you live in or near Wolverton, the electric cars will be on display on the afternoon of July 14th outside the Agora. 

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Volunteering Opportunity of the Week: PACT Men’s Volunteer Mentor


PACT Men’s Mentoring Service work with men in the community with the most challenging and complex needs. We are supporting men with their resettlement and rehabilitation inside the Thames Valley area.

You will find volunteering rewarding and enjoyable, and there is so much that you will learn. You really COULD help change a life and to enable them to make better choices. Some of the challenges the men face are:

The need for support to attend their appointments or meetings.

Help to obtain ID and Bank Accounts.

Assistance with their ability to read and complete forms. Help with CV’s and job searches.

Sourcing further education & training to boost job prospects.

Providing practical support to engage with the services they need.

Could you support male offenders to change their life for the better?

Read more and apply here.


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Funding Alert: MK Soup 6th July


Could your group do with a small pot of money to get something specific done to help your users or community?

Why not consider pitching at MK Soup?

How it works:

MK Soup is a meeting place for people who would like to make the world a better place- whether through food, community action, sustainability or another idea. MK Soup is organised by the MK Food Revolution and the MK Christian Foundation. On the night of MK Soup people buy a £5 ticket for a bowl of soup and in return, they get to listen to four people pitch their community ideas. At the end of the night, the crowd votes for its favourite idea and the winner takes the profit of the night. Two months later, the group then hears back about what has been achieved with the money.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested, please get in touch with MK Soup directly via: http://www.mkfoodrevolution.org/mk-soup/



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Q:alliance benefit from first Good Governance Trustee Workshop


Q:alliance benefit from first Good Governance Trustee Workshop

“As a small grassroots local charity, reliant on volunteers, often governance issues are cast aside because we need to deal with more immediate operational issues.

However, the Good Governance session we had with Alissa Pemberton from Community Action: MK gave us the time and space we needed to discuss what good governance is, what we are doing well already – and giving ourselves a pat on the back – and the areas where we need to improve.

She made us feel relaxed and helped us to approach a complex and daunting topic in a accessible and enjoyable way.

As a trustee board, we can’t wait to see Alissa’s results and begin to make positive changes for our charity.

As a result of the session, we have already got the ball rolling in converting from a registered charity and company to a CIO.

Thank you to Community Action: MK for providing this service for small local charities who need the support and MK Community Foundation for providing the funding.”

Ellie Walsh, Q:alliance

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If you’d like to find out more about arranging a bespoke Governance session for your board please contact us.

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