Pride in Milton Keynes 2015

Milton Keynes Citizen are holding another Pride in Milton Keynes ceremony to recognise the extraordinary people who commit their time and energy into making a difference in Milton Keynes.

But they need to you tell them about a special person or group of people that make these remarkable differences to the community and its people.

“Let’s celebrate the truly remarkable people who make Milton Keynes a better place.”

There are a number of categories to nominate a person or team into:

  • Care in the Community – Recognising individuals and teams that have shown incredible patience and understanding, often for many years, caring for and supporting a friend or loved one. This award recognises those who have cared for others without thought for themselves or any public recognition
  • Service with a Smile – Top class customer service, someone who made you want to return again and again. Good customer service makes our community a happier place and those who provide it deserve to be recognised for going the extra mile
  • Young Achiever of the Year – For someone is 21 or under and has either achieved great things in sport, represented their school, is involved in volunteer work, overcame a major hardship or achieved distinction in some other field
  • Excellence in Education – For anyone or any organisation involved in education, to recognise the work and effort they put into promoting and enhancing education in its widest sense
  • Fundraiser of the Year – It’s for the person or team that has shown innovation and creativity for their fund raising activities, it’s not necessarily all about the amount raised
  • Outstanding Example of Bravery – An award for a person or group who has overcome adversity and hardships or have bravely helped another
  • Unsung Hero/Heroine – Here we want to recognise the achievements of individuals or groups which go out of their way for others or their community as a whole. From spreading good news to voluntary support, this award is for people who are may not, perhaps, have received the recognition they deserve for their years of commitment

You can nominate by contacting the JP Midlands Events Department on 01536 506123 or email your nomination to Please provide your contact details and the person(s) you are nominating contact details (name, address, tel number, mobile, email address). The nomination deadline is Friday 4th September.

If you would like an idea of how to write your nomination, please visit last year’s website which includes details on all of last year’s winners at:

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Health & Wellbeing Updates: Sheffield Social Prescribing Summit, Male Health & NHS Vanguards

Sheffield Social Prescribing Summit

Social prescribing is the term used by healthcare providers and the voluntary sector to define community based services to help improve health and well being. This Summit, hosted by VAS, shared information about best practice at a national and local level and raised awareness of the vital role the voluntary, community and faith sector can play. VAS is sharing the presentations from the speakers to help keep the conversation going.

Male health

The National Children’s Bureau has published two new reports addressing the issue of male health. The reports, entitled Improving Male Health for the Next Generation, present findings from NCB’s survey of men and focus groups with boys, about how men and boys approach their own health needs. The survey findings – for example, that over 90% of men felt that social expectations and how males talk about health need to change – suggest priorities for further investigation, whilst the report presenting boys’ views begins to address the gap in evidence of from this generation.

NHS vanguards

The first sites that will lead on transforming care for patients across England have been announced (Milton Keynes is not among them). The 29 sites, known as vanguards, will develop local services from April, to keep people well, and bring home care, mental health and community nursing, GP services and hospitals together for the first time since 1948.

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CYP Updates: Stitch in Time, Child Sexual Exploitation and Child Health

Stitch in time

Early support for children means helping early enough to prevent crises, or stop problems arising in the first place. By reaching out early, we can reduce the number of neglected children, improve their health and boost their life chances.Action for Children, Barnardo’s, The Children’s Society, NSPCC and Save the Children are calling on all political parties to make a commitment to shift the emphasis of public services to early support. Learn more here.

Child sexual exploitation

The Prime Minister has announced new measures to tackle child sexual exploitation at a Downing Street summit. A ‘national response’ report sets out the government’s measures.

Child health

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health has said that child health should be put at the forefront of the general election. It said there was large public support for junk food advertising bans, cooking lessons in school and lowering speed limits.

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Reports: Cost of the Cuts, Public Procurement, Internships and More Cuts

Cost of the Cuts – How are austerity measures affecting local government and communities?

Cuts to local authority budgets are having a profound effect on the services people receive. The poorest communities and residents are being hardest hit and those least able to cope with service withdrawal are bearing the brunt. A report of the impact on local government and poorer communities’ was published last week by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. There are two reports available on the JRF website; the main research report and a short summary with info graphics and photos. Click here to access both.

Understanding the new public procurement rules

New Philanthropy Capital has produced a briefing on the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. These regulations brought into effect a European Directive on public procurement, from 26 February. NPC say they will help charities win government contracts but do not go far enough.


NCVO has published a new guide for charities thinking of working with interns. It says that unpaid internships should not be used to displace paid staff or undercut their pay and conditions of service. It also says that unpaid internships that are, in effect, jobs rather than genuine volunteering opportunities, should be paid.

Local government cuts

A report from the Institute for Fiscal studies says that the sharpest cuts to local government spending are in poorer areas and the same areas likely to lose most in next few years. They find that on the whole, more deprived areas and those that saw faster population growth have seen larger cuts.

(This post contains some content written by NAVCA)

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Great War MK Commemorations


From Great War MK:

How about seeing a bit of theatre in a full-size replica 1st World War tank? Or watching a commemorative dance with hand-made banners? Or perhaps participating as an Old Time Music Hall audience – letting the performers know what you think of their acts! New music from young musicians, new film shows of the Great War era, extraordinary installations and exhibitions – all these are part of the Great War MK project about to explode on the Milton Keynes community!

Great War MK is a collaborative project led by the Arts & Heritage Alliance Milton Keynes (AHA-MK). It explores the impact of the First World War on the communities of Milton Keynes – an area now covering six towns, 41 villages and 1/4 million people – through research, commemorative events, participatory learning activity and community workshops. During 2015 Great War MK will be presenting events and opportunities for people to explore and commemorate the lives and the stories of the Great War.

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JSNA 2014/15 Consultation for Health & Wellbeing Charities

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment is now available for consultation – please note that the deadline for responses is the 4th March. Apologies for the short notice, unfortunately the Council has had some technical problems which has prevented this being sent out sooner.

We hope you can find the time to look through the topics (that are relevant to your group/organisation) and the summary and respond using the questionnaire which can be accessed via a link on the page. The Council would appreciate any feedback on the summary regarding both its content and length. You can download the summary directly by clicking here.

The link to the Strategic Needs Assessment page, including the questionnaire, is as follows (please note that it does take several seconds to load):

You will be prompted to enter a Username and Password, both of which are JSNA2014/15.

The system doesn’t like it if you copy and paste, so best to type in the details twice. Once logged in, you can move easily around the system. The topics are accessed by clicking on Draft JSNA 2014/15.

Please do let our Partnership Office, Marion, know if you have any questions!

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