Employee Volunteering: Small team makes a big impact at St Mungos!

Home Retail Group supported to access volunteering thanks to Community Action: MK

Volunteering and making a difference isn’t always about a big team making a big statement – just ask Abbegail Sawney and her team of 2! Originally the team were about 8-10 people in size but due to sickness and other commitments on the day the team shrunk. However, the group of 3 from Home Retail Group made a big impact on one of the gardens that St Mungos own. St Mungos support young people and provide a safe place to live for a period of time. They support people who are at risk and vulnerable and include isolated people with mental health or drug problems, current and ex offenders, former rough sleepers now in their own homes and people who are begging or street drinking. This is a vital service across the country and here in MK. St Mungos have various locations across MK and the small team from HRG dedicated their volunteering day at one location tidying up their garden and planting flowers.

Community Action: MK run a brokerage service between charities/local groups and cooperates who are looking for volunteering days across the city. We were able to support the group to find a great volunteering opportunity.

“This was the first time we were able to volunteer as a team at a local community organisation. We wanted to support a smaller charity as smaller groups are often over-looked. We had a site visit before hand and we really welcomed by the staff. None of our team lives in MK but we wanted to give something back to the community that we work in. We are all amateur gardeners but we have made a real impact today on the garden and it’s fantastic to see all the hard work we have put in has paid off!” – Abbegail, Home Retail Group

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“It’s so important that we can provide a quiet, calm and inviting outdoor space for those who live here. The team have been great, they have worked really hard to transform the space and I know how grateful everyone will be. We need to organise a summer BBQ now, as the space is more accessible and I am sure it will be used a lot this summer!” – Eli, St Mungos

Volunteering provides an opportunity to give back and make a difference whether you are just one person or a team of 100 you can help make an impact in people’s lives.

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If you are a business, charity or community group in Milton Keynes and would like to know more information about the programme please contact us at ev@communityactionmk.org or call 01908 661623.

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Employee Volunteering: CA:MK ‘bridge the gap’ in providing Volunteering for Home Retail Group Staff!

With over 20 years experience working with the charities and voluntary groups, we are the leading organisation on community involvement in Milton Keynes.

Community is the foundation of a good and healthy society. It is not simply a group of random individuals who share close proximity. It is a powerful force that can bring unity, purpose and action as well as security and contentment.

“Volunteers are not worthless they are priceless.”

Community Action MK acts as a brokerage service with corporates, charities and volunteer groups. An example of this is working with Home Retail Group. We provide volunteering opportunities for their staff. We were able to link a team with Stowe National Trust and in May 13 employees  spent the day at Stowe painting a bridge and were able to make the bridge look its best.

“The wooden bridge had not been painted for 5 years, it’s a really significant landmark, as it can been seen from many points in the gardens. Ideally it needs to be painted every year, so without the support of this team this probably would not have happened this year as we have many priorities to deal with at Stowe. The bridge now looks fantastic, which visitors will be able to enjoy. We would definitely like more volunteers in the future and have many restoration projects on the go and would love more teams to come out to help us” – Patrick Green from Stowe

“Overall we had a fantastic day as a team. It was a great opportunity to give something back as well as an opportunity to bond together as a team. I would recommend others coming here for a team building day” – Pete Wilks, Team Leader from Home Retail Group

If you are a business, charity or community group in Milton Keynes and would like to know more information about the programme please contact us at ev@communityactionmk.org or call 01908 661623.

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