Western Expansion Area Public Exhibition – 8th October

We invite you to come along to a public exhibition about the Western Expansion Area, MK’s biggest new development. Once complete, the WEA will be home to around 18,000 new residents and 6500 homes. Pop along to our exhibition at the Kiln Farm Club to speak to those involved in this new development and see the plans for the area.
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Advice to small charities on pension auto-enrolment

Practical guidance for small organisations on how they can prepare for pensions auto-enrolment regulations has been published by Charity Finance Group.

The publication aims to support the estimated 20,000-plus charities due to be auto-enrolling their staff between 1st January 2016 and 1st April 2017, with advice on how to prepare, implement and build processes. It urges them to plan early and budget for additional costs created by auto-enrolment. Click here for more.

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Top prizes up for grabs in exclusive MK energy trial

You could win a UHD TV by changing your energy habits 

Are you prepared to re-think the way in which you use electricity and gas? Samsung is running an energy trial exclusively for Milton Keynes residents and only 90 households will be selected to take part. These people will have the chance to win a top-of-the-range Samsung appliance or TV (amongst many other prizes). MK residents can take-part as an individual household, or increase their chances of winning by inviting friends and family (only one application per household).

UHD TV lo res for Twitter

What’s in it for the participants?
  • Be part of a ground-breaking trial which will revolutionise the way people think about energy;
  • Benefit from innovative new energy web apps and tools being developed by Samsung;
  • Earn prizes for you and your friends/family (top prize of a top-of-the-range Samsung appliance or TV; other prizes for all participants).
How does it work?

Eligible participants who apply now will have equipment installed in their homes in the next few weeks which will record when and how they use energy.

The state-of-the-art sensor equipment will be installed at five plug sockets and gas/electricity meters and an energy monitoring hub will send data to Samsung about participants’ energy consumption via their Wi-Fi router.

The trial is taking place as part of the MK:Smart project, which is an Open University-led project working to make Milton Keynes a smarter city. The data collected will be curated in the MK Data Hub located in Central Milton Keynes.

In the New Year Samsung will provide a web portal for those taking part. There is no need to change energy provider to participate in the trial, but participants are free to do so if they wish. The scheme will not affect the rate participants pay their supplier for their energy.


For further details or to register for the trial visit www.mksmart.org/samsung


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Public consultation on plans to merge Bletchley and Great Holm Fire Stations, and creation of blue-light hub


Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Fire Authority has launched a public consultation into a proposal to merge Bletchley and Great Holm Fire Stations in Milton Keynes and create a blue-light hub station at West Ashland. The consultation runs from 10am on Monday 14 September 2015 to 10am on Monday 9 November 2015.

Under the proposal, all existing fire engines and other resources at Bletchley and Great Holm Fire Stations would be relocated to the new hub station.

Click here for more detail on the proposal

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Wear your shirt to work day – 18th September

Wear your shirt to school or work day - pdf

18th September is the day to wear your rugby shirt to work, to school, or just around town to celebrate the opening fixture of the Rugby World Cup 2015 with England v Fiji. We hope with lots rugby shirts seen around MK we can create a buzz and get people talking about rugby, and hopefully leading to new players and supporters joining our three great local clubs at Milton Keynes, Bletchley and Olney.

Also on 10th October there is a chance for you to be a world record breaker as MK attempts the world’s biggest haka.  We are looking for 5,000+ people to take part in the marquee in the Rugby World Cup Fanzone in Campbell Park.  Take a look at the video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eF_nomCGNA0

If you want to get involved please email: contact@eventsmanaged.co.uk

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Regional ‘Meet the Shedders’ event taking place in Milton Keynes – 24th September

Men’s Sheds exploded onto the scene some years ago in Australia. They help promote social interaction, so reduce isolation, and improve the health and wellbeing of men. This issue is particularly acute for older men.  There are now approaching a thousand Sheds in Australia today.

A similar explosion is starting in the UK. There are 187 Sheds in existence with a new Shed being set up every week.  “Meet the South Mercia Shedders” is one of a dozen “Meet the Shedders” events taking place around the UK to help encourage more men to join Sheds and the setting up of further Sheds.

The MK event is jointly sponsored by UK Men’s Sheds Association, Awards for All, Milton Keynes Community Foundation, Royal Volunteer Service and Triton Precision Tools. The event will be on 24th September from 10am – 4pm.

A whole day has been allocated; the morning will provide for close on 20 Men’s Sheds, established or being formed in the Beds, Bucks, Herts, Northants, Oxford, Cambridge and Warwick area, to come together and share their experiences. The afternoon is dedicated to attracting organisations that have an interest in engaging with Sheds and/or helping establish them.
You can come for the morning, the afternoon or all day; or even a part of the day.
Book your space online or contact Men in Sheds MK on peter@meninshedsmk.org.uk
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Alternative to Private Finance of the Welfare State: A global analysis of Social Impact Bond, Pay-for-Success & Development Impact Bond Projects

The first detailed critical analysis of the growing global market in social impact bond projects and reveals that they are the latest new ‘buy-now-pay-later’ scheme to privatise public services and the welfare state. Details 30 financial and public policy flaws in these projects. Proposes an alternative strategy consisting of government and public sector plans for early intervention and prevention; Public Service Innovation and Improvement Plans at departmental or service level; and trade union/community alliances to develop strategies and scope for transnational action. Published jointly by ESSU and the Australian Workplace Innovation and Social Research Centre, University of Adelaide.


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