Regional ‘Meet the Shedders’ event taking place in Milton Keynes – 24th September

Men’s Sheds exploded onto the scene some years ago in Australia. They help promote social interaction, so reduce isolation, and improve the health and wellbeing of men. This issue is particularly acute for older men.  There are now approaching a thousand Sheds in Australia today.

A similar explosion is starting in the UK. There are 187 Sheds in existence with a new Shed being set up every week.  “Meet the South Mercia Shedders” is one of a dozen “Meet the Shedders” events taking place around the UK to help encourage more men to join Sheds and the setting up of further Sheds.

The MK event is jointly sponsored by UK Men’s Sheds Association, Awards for All, Milton Keynes Community Foundation, Royal Volunteer Service and Triton Precision Tools. The event will be on 24th September from 10am – 4pm.

A whole day has been allocated; the morning will provide for close on 20 Men’s Sheds, established or being formed in the Beds, Bucks, Herts, Northants, Oxford, Cambridge and Warwick area, to come together and share their experiences. The afternoon is dedicated to attracting organisations that have an interest in engaging with Sheds and/or helping establish them.
You can come for the morning, the afternoon or all day; or even a part of the day.
Book your space online or contact Men in Sheds MK on
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Alternative to Private Finance of the Welfare State: A global analysis of Social Impact Bond, Pay-for-Success & Development Impact Bond Projects

The first detailed critical analysis of the growing global market in social impact bond projects and reveals that they are the latest new ‘buy-now-pay-later’ scheme to privatise public services and the welfare state. Details 30 financial and public policy flaws in these projects. Proposes an alternative strategy consisting of government and public sector plans for early intervention and prevention; Public Service Innovation and Improvement Plans at departmental or service level; and trade union/community alliances to develop strategies and scope for transnational action. Published jointly by ESSU and the Australian Workplace Innovation and Social Research Centre, University of Adelaide.

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Street Bank – Sharing in your Neighbourhood

Streetbank believes that neighbourhoods are generous. It is a simple tool that unlocks that generosity by making it easy for people to lend, share or give away items that they no longer need with people in their local area. You can also place requests for items that you may be in need of.

Streetbank is not only a source for sharing items, but skills as well. If you are a qualified electrician or good an excellent woodworker, for example, it is a great place to offer your skills to your neighbours.

For further information, please visit

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Open Church at St Giles’ Church, Tattenhoe – 12th September

Open Church at St Giles’ Church, Tattenhoe on Saturday 12 September 2015 anytime between 10am—6pm.

Light refreshments available

Maybe you’ve wondered what the church looks like inside and have not had a chance to see before?

Maybe your children have been on a school visit here and now you’d like to visit too?!


We are also open as part of the Bucks Historic Churches’ ‘Ride and Stride’ day and welcome people who are on sponsored walks and rides raising money for their church and the charity which helps fund repairs to old churches.

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