Update on CAMK work in the Expansion Areas

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Community Action: MK is funded to deliver a Community Involvement project in the ‘tariff’ expansion areas in Milton Keynes. These areas include:

  • Broughton Gate and Brooklands (known as the Eastern Expansion Area)
  • Whitehouse and Fairfields (known as the Western Expansion Area)
  • Tattenhoe Park and Kingsmead South
  • Strategic Land Allocation (land to the south-east of the city)

The aim of our work is to get residents of these new areas more active and involved in their community, and support the integration of these areas into the wider city.

We have just published an update on the activities we supported in 2015. Click here to view this report.

We also publish quarterly reports on what residents in the Expansion Areas are talking to us about. This information can be used to help get a flavour of the issues and interests of the community, and can help those involved in these new areas to shape their services. These reports are also available on the ‘Expansion’ section of our website.

If you would like to find out about these new communities, please contact our Growth Officer, Hannah Mills.

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Water Monitor Trial to run in Broughton Gate

The MK:Smart project will be inviting householders in Broughton Gate to participate in a trial of a new website that will allow them see their weekly water consumption and provide lots of tips on how they can reduce their water use. The trial will start in the early summer and will run until the end of the year.

More information about the trial is available on the MK:Smart website.

We need your support: Come along to a workshop to find out more about the trial, sign up yourself or find out ways you can help others sign up to monitor their water use.


Aims of the workshop:

  • For MK:Smart Water Workpackage to meet local people from in or around the Broughton Gate area, and to share water monitor trial plans and objectives with them.
  • To explore ways in which local people can support the water monitor trial.

Community Action: MK will be running this workshop with their partners from HR Wallingford.

You can sign up to come along

Yummy refreshments will be available from 5pm to start at 5.15pm.

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Parents group set up to support Hummingbirds Children’s Centre

hummingbird-150067_640We have been supporting a group to develop, Parents of Hummingbirds, that will support and influence the running of Hummingbirds Children’s Centre in Broughton.

The main aim of the group is to raise funds for the Children’s Centre through events and activities and once more established, will be able to raise funds through funding applications to support the work of the Centre. The members of this group may also be able to help influence their local service, making the service the best it can be for the local community.

Community Action: MK have been supporting the group through the Communities Can project (part of MK Councils Community and Cultural Services Review). We have been helping the group develop their ideas, gain new skills and confidence and have been recording their thoughts along with others to feed into the Council’s review. We have also been able to link this group to other ongoing local support offered by Community Action: MK’s Expansion Area Community Mobiliser and Support & Development team.

We supported the group’s Christmas event for fundraising where they were able to raise £165.00 and since then have given advice on setting up/formalising a group, promoting their events, and about available relevant training. This has helped them develop their ideas for the upcoming table top sale being arranged later this month.

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Have Your Say on Urgent Care and Walk-in Services at Broughton Gate

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Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Group (MKCCG) is inviting local people to have their say on the future of the urgent care walk in service at Broughton Gate Health Centre. With the current contract due to expire this year, MKCCG would like local people’s input into the kind of service that would suit their needs, including location and opening hours.

This consultation is in line with wider work in progress by MKCCG to look at the way in which healthcare services in Milton Keynes are provided, including the possible integration of Urgent Care and GP out-of-hours with the local A&E department to deliver a better urgent care service.

The public consultations will last for 12 weeks, from 15th February to 2nd May. Have your say by attending a public meeting (details below), writing to Freepost NHS QUESTIONNAIRE RESPONSES, or give your feedback online byfollowing this link.

Public consultation meetings will be held on Tuesday 8th March, 3-6pm, at The Christian Centre, Oldbrook, and Wednesday 13th April, 3-6pm, at Brooklands Farm Primary School, Broughton. No need to register, these are both drop in sessions, open to all.

Click here for consultation documents and frequently asked questions.

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New Communities Fund – Grants available

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The New Communities Fund offers grants to new and existing community groups who wish to provide activities and support to the residents living in MK’s newest communities. These areas include:

  • Broughton Gate and Brooklands
  • Tattenhoe Park
  • Western Expansion Area

Projects receiving funding so far include equipment for the local Scouts group, running costs of Start the Art project, grants to local voluntary groups to run community events such as the Big Lunch, and start up funding for a community choir.

For more information please contact Hannah or visit the MK Community Foundation website



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Brooklands Wheeled Sports Facility Public Consultation

Urban Design and Landscape Architecture (UDLA) would like to invite you to attend Brooklands Wheeled Sports Facility Public Consultation.

To be held at Broughton Pavilion, 139 Tanfield Lane, Broughton, Milton Keynes, MK10 9 NJ

Saturday 30th of January 2016.

Held from 13:00 – 15:30pm.



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Funding available to support MK’s growing communities

The New Communities Fund is available to new and existing voluntary groups and charities who would like to run activities which benefit MK’s newest residents living in the expansion areas across MK.

This includes the areas of:

  • Broughton Gate and Brooklands (Eastern Expansion Area)
  • Western Expansion Area (which runs along the V4)
  • Strategic Land Allocation (land to the south east of the city)
  • Tattenhoe Park

Projects funded so far include a start up costs for a community choir, street party running costs, equipment costs for local sports and scouting groups, and expenses for a community arts project.

To apply, visit the MK Community Foundation website or contact Hannah, Community Action: MK Growth Officer for more information

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