Health & Wellbeing Updates: Sheffield Social Prescribing Summit, Male Health & NHS Vanguards

Sheffield Social Prescribing Summit

Social prescribing is the term used by healthcare providers and the voluntary sector to define community based services to help improve health and well being. This Summit, hosted by VAS, shared information about best practice at a national and local level and raised awareness of the vital role the voluntary, community and faith sector can play. VAS is sharing the presentations from the speakers to help keep the conversation going.

Male health

The National Children’s Bureau has published two new reports addressing the issue of male health. The reports, entitled Improving Male Health for the Next Generation, present findings from NCB’s survey of men and focus groups with boys, about how men and boys approach their own health needs. The survey findings – for example, that over 90% of men felt that social expectations and how males talk about health need to change – suggest priorities for further investigation, whilst the report presenting boys’ views begins to address the gap in evidence of from this generation.

NHS vanguards

The first sites that will lead on transforming care for patients across England have been announced (Milton Keynes is not among them). The 29 sites, known as vanguards, will develop local services from April, to keep people well, and bring home care, mental health and community nursing, GP services and hospitals together for the first time since 1948.

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JSNA 2014/15 Consultation for Health & Wellbeing Charities

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment is now available for consultation – please note that the deadline for responses is the 4th March. Apologies for the short notice, unfortunately the Council has had some technical problems which has prevented this being sent out sooner.

We hope you can find the time to look through the topics (that are relevant to your group/organisation) and the summary and respond using the questionnaire which can be accessed via a link on the page. The Council would appreciate any feedback on the summary regarding both its content and length. You can download the summary directly by clicking here.

The link to the Strategic Needs Assessment page, including the questionnaire, is as follows (please note that it does take several seconds to load):

You will be prompted to enter a Username and Password, both of which are JSNA2014/15.

The system doesn’t like it if you copy and paste, so best to type in the details twice. Once logged in, you can move easily around the system. The topics are accessed by clicking on Draft JSNA 2014/15.

Please do let our Partnership Office, Marion, know if you have any questions!

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