Community Action: MK are working with Macmillan to try and develop a better understanding of the experiences of BAME and faith communities in Milton Keynes in relation to cancer and cancer services. Existing research suggests that these groups tend to have more negative experiences of cancer services. We want to investigate how this applies in Milton Keynes. Community Action: MK have designed this survey to help us explore this topic.

We are looking for as many people as possible to take part. The survey is open to anyone in Milton Keynes, from any ethnic or religious background, whether or not they have had direct experience of cancer.

The results will help us create a report discussing experiences of BAME and faith communities in Milton Keynes, and make some suggestions for improving support and access for these groups. Macmillan will use these suggestions in their work.

All responses are anonymous by default. There is an option to leave your email address if you would be happy to be part of additional workshops for this project or for Macmillan to contact you about further research, but this is optional.

Phase 2

Phase 2 of the Macmillan Cancer Support Research

We are pleased to announce that Phase 2 of the Macmillan Cancer Support Research has now been launched!

The purpose of the research is to start to understand the barriers and challenges communities face in accessing cancer services, as well as understanding if there are other routes they take to seek support through which improved experiences could be leveraged.  

Unfortunately, the Covid 19 pandemic has impacted the original timings and processes of this piece of work quite dramatically.  The research was originally intended to rely heavily on face-to-face interactions but this was abruptly ended with the pandemic and it was difficult to gauge when we can resume.  

Therefore, we have decided to split the project into 2 phases, with the first phase completed in August 2021 with an interim report which captures the key themes which have emerged so far. 

We are pleased to say that with the easing of the restrictions, it has enabled us to launch phase 2 of the project to start our engagement with BAME and faith communities, as well as health professionals.  We will be sending out invites to groups and communities in the coming weeks for them to join us in our workshops/focus groups.  

If you would like to find out more about the project or interested to take part please get in touch with Sue on 01908 661 623 or email: 

Click here to visit the Macmillan Cancer Online Community forum homepage.