Health and Wellbeing Boards are a key component of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and are statutory bodies. Constituted as a committee of Milton Keynes Council, the Health and Wellbeing Board is a Partnership Board. Acting as a key forum for leaders in health and social care they are designed to ensure an integrated and coordinated approach across NHS, social care and public health services in Milton Keynes.

The key functions of the Health and Wellbeing Board are to:

a) To provide system-wide strategic leadership and oversight for improving the health and wellbeing of the people of Milton Keynes

b) To assess the strengths and needs of the local population and set strategic priorities for Health and Wellbeing by agreeing a Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy that drives the priorities for the commissioning plans and public health action for health services, social care, education and other services the Board considers appropriate.

c) To have overarching oversight of the delivery of strategic objectives as set out in the Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

To find out more about the Health And Wellbeing boards, please follow this link.

For information about the MK Health & Wellbeing Board – its meetings and the key documents – please follow this link.

Milton Keynes Health & Wellbeing Board has two representatives of the Voluntary and Community Sector:

  • Peta Wilkinson, Chief Executive at Willen Hospice
  • Tim Davies, Chief Executive of Camphill Communities

Community Action: MK is dedicated to connecting the local voluntary and community organisations in Milton Keynes with the work of the Health & Wellbeing Board and the VCS Representatives to give the sector a voice on how the strategic health and wellbeing matters are being shaped in the city.

If you work or volunteer within the Community and Voluntary Sector in Milton Keynes, and have any questions, ideas or feedback for this vital area of work, please contact us at or call 01908 661 623.

Healthwatch Milton Keynes has a statutory place on the Milton Keynes Health & Wellbeing Board. Healthwatch Milton Keynes is represented at the Health and Wellbeing Board by:

  • Hilda Kirkwood, Chair of the Board of Trustees
  • Maxine Taffetani, Chief Executive Healthwatch Milton Keynes (Deputy)

Healthwatch Milton Keynes is the local independent champion for users of health and social care services, ensuring patients, service users, their families and carers have a say in how services are designed and delivered in Milton Keynes.

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Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Health and Wellbeing Alliance

The Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Health and Wellbeing Alliance (HW Alliance) is a key element of the Health and Wellbeing Programme.

The HW Alliance is partnership between voluntary sectors and the health and care system to provide a voice and improve the health and wellbeing for all communities. You can find out more about the initiative at: